Who are we?



Who are we?





The group was founded by multi-instrumentalists Rob Habel and Patrick Sweeney, who have been collaborating within various projects since high school.

The duo convened in late 2013 to begin writing and recording new material after having recently split from previous bands. While Rob had a desire to attempt composing material outside of his usual genre of psychedelic rock, Patrick was looking for an excuse to try experimental recording and production techniques.

Their shared love of experimental hip hop, electronica, and psychedelic pop formed the foundations of the deeply layered sound that became Petaluma's self-titled debut.

Basic loops would be sampled and altered. Textures of found sounds would be cut into percussion sections. Even some of Rob's flowing vocals were recorded by Patrick's home made microphones submerged in water.

While the duo played scattered shows at venues like the Witch Room and Starlite Lounge, the live performances served as a proving ground for experimentation. How can complex electronica be as improvisational as a live jazz band? The goal was to create a musical experience that explored the potential of such a contradiction.

The album, Petaluma, has been described as "mesmerizing" and "hypnotic." Heralded by Walter L of MusicallyEnthused as "...a truly exciting release that reveals potent musicianship and vision." Following the release of their debut, the group has recruited Melissa Garcia for drums and percussion, David Baez for synths, keys, and bass, and Ty Marshall for guitar.


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The album is spectacular. Their two years of work appear in its nuanced production and complex art-pop songwriting structures. The chords and melodies bring to mind Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens and Tame Impala.
— Aaron Carnes, Sacramento News & Review
An inventive and hypnotic debut that combines elements of electronic, psychedelic, and experimental pop music to create a fresh and innovative sound. With an immersive ambience and startling depth Petaluma takes you on a journey within and without. A truly exciting release that reveals potent musicianship and vision. A sign of great things to come.
— Walter L, MusicallyEnthused
Many layers and electronic elements make this album a fun listen.
— Beth Ruyak, Capital Public Radio
Imagine if Radiohead and Tame Impala decided to have an orgy with the sounds of tomorrow. Then take the lovechild of said affair and sprinkle some romantic existentialism on top. That’s Petaluma.
— Bungie White, LA Such&Such
The strongest feeling that the mellow, emotive record evokes: teetering delicately on a fence between joy and sadness.
— Aaron Carnes, Sacramento News & Review
It’s rare that I’m absolutely astounded by music coming out of Sacramento, but that is the case here. I can’t even believe there’s artists making music this good in Sacramento. Err…it’s not that I can’t believe that it’s actually happening…it’s more that I can’t believe it’s not being recognized by the entire city, let alone the rest of the world.
— Robbie Metcalf, @HOFisbetter
An exciting, genre-defying, freshman release, Petaluma’s music lies somewhere between a drug-crazed night of dancing and the subsequent morning of lethargic recovery. Frontman Rob Habel’s immense talent shines through the entire album. The standout track for this headphone loyalist was Pitched Against The Sky. A stunning first release that will surely leave the public salivating for more.
— D. L'Serz (Founder - Lysergic Association for Musical Experience)

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Equipment list

We can accommodate any venue as we have all equipment necessary to fulfill audio requirements.

If we need to bring our own PA, board, microphones, and applicable cabling, let us know in advance.

If you have any VGA/HDMI capable devices for visual accompaniment, please supply what type of device and applicable connectors.